Mogul Light Box

Light up the darkness!

Inspired by the light and nature, we designed this unique light box that creates a cozy feeling to any room that needs it.

Hand-made and comes in 2 colour options (black/antique) with our Tree of Life design or you can customize your own Light Box!

With a smart attachment, it can also be easily installed on the wall or ceiling.

Comes in a beautiful plywood Giftbox!

To order a Customized Light Box, follow these steps:

1. Think of the design (not too complicated) You would like to have on your Light Box;

2. Add the design under “UPLOAD YOUR DESIGN” button;

3. Add the product to Your cart and proceed to checkout (choose the wanted size and color);

4. We will will provide You with further information and put the Light Box into production!

The production time for a Customized Light Box is around 1 week and inside EU post delivery is around 1 week as well!

Dimensions: 60x60x6cm or 30x30x6cm


Eesti siseselt TASUTA

20 EUR across EU

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