Customize Your Own Board

If you want something that nobody else has, then you are probably at the right place!
These boards are pressed together out of the layers of Baltic Birch and glass-fiber in order to create this very durable and high-performance board that suits any rider. Using non-toxic substances and techniques, we quarantee minimum negative impact on the environment!
Moreover, You can choose Your own design on the both sides of the board and get something truly unique!

  1. Choose Your favorate board shape
  2. Think of the design You would like to have on the board – Create your own design or find a one from HERE
  3. Add the product to Your cart and proceed to checkout
  4. We will will provide You with further information and put the board into production!

Get ideas from HERE 

DECK: 90x23cm


Eesti siseselt TASUTA

15 EUR across EU

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