Working together with brands and businesses

Co-branding and Marketing producs

Mogul also offers a unique possibility for companies to promote their brands, campaigns or events by having boards with their own desired designs.

  • Works as a perfect promotion tool or a business gift
  • NO predefined fixed order quantities for customized products
  • Great way to reach a specific audience

Also we have a number of other re-brandable products and also generate custom solutions if necessary.

Mogul Event-Marketing

Mogul also offers a marketing service where our beautiful and active people who are using our products as marketing tools are “let loose” during the selected events where Your brand will be promoted through various and eye-catching activities.

Fairs, festivals, concerts, urban areas, beaches – we can promote Your brand anywhere! In case of interest contact us now and we will make sure that Your brand will get a one of a kind marketing solution that will not be left unnoticed by anyone!

  • Event/promotion idea generation and planning
  • Production of required marketing materials
  • A selection of brandable products and services for marketing purposes
  • Talented marketing and selling work-force
  • Installation and displacement of an event
  • Photo and video material recording

Mogul Social Media Management

Working together with genius idea generators, amazing photographers and video producers, talented influencers, we will insure that your social media content will stand out from the rest and serve its true purpose!


  • We work with a plan specifically configured to clients needs
  • Producing material with emphasis on quality, content and results
  • Our posts are regular
  • We analyze consistently and configure on the go


  • Setting advertising goals (KPI)
  • Monthly content plan – considering target group needs and customer journey.
  • 12 posts in both platforms including text creation, using clients photos and editing
  • Cover photo creation
  • Followers engaging games and shout outs
  • Prep work for adverts and campaigns.
  • Monthly reports on progress.

Come join us and ride like a Mogul!

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